July 6, 2012

Everyone's Favorite Restaurant (And with good reason!)

When I tell people that I live Downtown, they normally respond one of two ways:

"Wow...Really? Why?"
"That's awesome, Downtown has some amazing restaurants. Have you been to that place...oh shoot what's it called again...?"
Me: "Bottega Louie?" 
"YES! I love that place!"

Bottega Louie is a MUST if you are venturing to DTLA. Either for brunch or dinner, they never disappoint. Only a few blocks from our loft, Chad & I love to walk the dog over and grab a sweet eclair or macaron (memories of our trip to Paris!). They have an array of delicacy's. The decor is so fresh and clean. I love the stark white walls mixed with the intricate ceiling and bright details. Even just to stop in and look around puts me in a good mood! Take a look....

While I love it just for the atmosphere alone, they do have some great food as well. A few of my favorites on the menu are:

Portobello Fries (A must try!)
The Mushroom Pizza (When I splurge for cheese)
The Maché Salad 
Small Bites to pass around

Located on 7th and Grand, Bottega is always a hit when introducing friends to DTLA! 
Click here to view the full menu.

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