July 27, 2012


While I'm no critic, I believe any good film should linger in the mind of it's viewer for days, weeks or even months. One such movie that I continue to think about (even though I watched it nearly two weeks ago) is Melancholia. The director, Lars von Trier, pitched the film as "A beautiful movie about the end of the world"-- it is exactly that. While I am certain Chad would have fallen asleep within the first ten minutes (his favorite movie is Transformers), I was completely captivated by it's beauty. Featuring music from Richard Wagner's opera Tristan & Isolde, the film focuses on two sisters while a hidden planet heads toward Earth.


With a noteworthy performance by Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia is more than just an armageddon story, it deals with the human psyche. It's available now on Netflix.

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