July 30, 2012

A World Away

The best part of LA is having so many weekend getaway spots. From downtown, we are two hours or less to the desert, the mountains, wine country, mexico, the beach... the list goes on. One such escape is Palm Springs. My best friend and I spent the weekend away at my Grandparent's condo for some much needed girl time! Gotta love the heat...

Water mist to keep cool

We went to lunch at a great hotel called the Colony Palms Hotel (featured above and below). We viewed a room and it was beautiful. If you're looking to book a trip, I would definitely suggest this boutique hotel. 

Palm Springs truly is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Susanna and I beat the heat floating in the pool all weekend. When it's a bit cooler (it was in the 100s!), it's a great place to play a game of golf or tennis. 

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  1. Ummmm I want to come next time hehe! Miss/ love you guys xo


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