July 25, 2012

An Architectural Gem

Although it appears to be just a normal brick building from the exterior, the interior of The Bradbury Building boasts something entirely different. Built in 1893, it was commissioned by mining millionaire Lewis L. Bradbury and designed by George Wyman. An architectural and historical landmark within DTLA, I could just feel the rich history inside the Bradbury -- such a beauty!

Imagine the stories surrounding this building...

 Not one to always appreciate architecture, I was mesmerized by this magnificent building. As I walked under the low ceilings of the dimly lit entry way and entered into the bright center atrium, I stood in awe watching the elevators move up and down. I loved that the whole ceiling is a skylight, allowing natural light to illuminate the intricate patterns of the wrought iron, marble, brick and other textures. Located on the corner of Broadway and 3rd, The Bradbury Building ranks high on the list for things to see Downtown. 

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  1. Girlfriend!! I googled Bradbury, your post appeared, and so I ventured downtown. This visit is so magnificent. Thank you for sharing! Are you on Twitter? Give me a follow- I need to keep up with your blog! @DVStyles


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