January 24, 2013

Coco Laurent

Move over Bottega Louie, there's a new restaurant on the block! At long last, Coco Laurent has arrived. It's a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating that just opened up across the street from Bottega Louie. And thank goodness, because every time I go to Bottega now, the wait is at least an hour and I can barely hear myself think. Coco Laurent is such a refreshing addition to Downtown LA restaurants. 

Not only do I love that the interior is clean with a traditional, warm feel to it, but the outdoor patio is divine. At last we can take advantage of the outdoors, this is California weather after all! I have yet to try the food at Coco Laurent (click here for the menu) , but the absinthe crafted cocktail I had last weekend was absolute perfection. I think I know where our next date night will be :)

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