October 1, 2012

Stair Climb

Chad convinced me to climb to the top of the US Bank Tower with him over the weekend. This was no small feat. The tallest building on the West Coast, and the 55th tallest building in the world, Chad and I both climbed 75 flights of stairs in less than 20 minutes, all for the good of the Los Angeles community. Although at times I thought I might pass out, the 1,679 stair climb was well worth it. At the top we were rewarded with medals and the view was spectacular. It was amazing to look down on every building in LA, with nothing above! 
Luckily, we took the elevator down where a party with food and drink was awaiting us. 
 The real heroes of the day were the Firefighters, who climbed with their full gear on -- that's an extra 60 pounds! 

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