October 6, 2012

Bar & Kitchen

Chad and I got together with some friends last night at a great little spot called Bar & Kitchen. Located in the O Hotel, I was more than happy to check Bar & Kitchen off my list of places to eat Downtown.  With black & white movies playing on the second floor, the atmosphere is relaxed with a fun, cool crowd. It could easily become one of our go-to spots. Check it out...

image via @nataliehills
The drinks were delicious, the food was good, and we were amongst great company. I found out that a friend from high school lives two blocks from us... How fun is that?! We had a great dinner and then walked to CaƱa for an after dinner drink. Love hanging with neighbors :)

1 comment:

  1. Luckies, wish I was there! Love all of you!

    xoxo Joc


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