November 3, 2012

Artisan House

My parents came into town last night so Chad and I decided (after passing up an hour and a half wait at Bottega Louie) to try out Artisan House. I've been wanting to come here for quite awhile now and I was very pleased. Take a peek...

Outdoor Seating
The space is half restaurant and half market -- think Bottega Louie but much more organic in decor, ambiance etc. Good news is while the wait at Bottega's was over an hour, we were seated at Artisan right away. Furthermore, while initially it was the space that drew my attention, I was SO impressed by the food! We ordered small plates to share and everything was delicious. I highly recommend the Tuna Carpaccio -- out of this world!

 Following dinner, the chef introduced herself --  she mentioned that she worked previously for Soho house and Cecconi's in West Hollywood. I mostly appreciate that all their food comes from small, organic, family farms. Overall, I love the vibe, love the crowd, and I see no reason why this place shouldn't be full. We will definitely be back. I can't wait to try their brunch. Yum!

PS. Next time, following dinner, we are heading across the street to the tequila bar. I'll keep ya posted :)

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