September 21, 2012


Last night, Chad and I got to attend a special event on the 11th floor of the Cooper Building. A Taste of Streetcar, hosted specifically for locals of DTLA, gained awareness for a proposition to install a streetcar through the streets of downtown. Chad and I enjoyed samples from several restaurants, which are located along the would-be streetcar path... We also enjoyed the photo booth! 
In order for the streetcar to be installed, they must win a two thirds majority vote in November. I loved the event, I am in huge support for the revitalization of Downtown, and I think that public transport needs to be more readily available. However, since the car will be free to ride, it will be funded through a public tax based upon square footage of our residence. Although the fee is minimal, seeing as I won't be utilizing it for work or really anything else, I don't want to pay for it. Also, the proposed route is only ten city blocks. I mean really, aren't we lazy enough?  I can (and do) walk that route if I want to go somewhere on it! Did I mention the streetcar is ugly?  If you're going to do a streetcar why not make it charming, like in San Francisco? At least that would draw in some tourists. Even more importantly, the state of California is in serious debt. As nice as it would be to have a Streetcar, can we afford it? The funds would be better appropriated to help pay off some of our debts. For these reasons, I will probably NOT be voting for Streetcar, but I guess we will see what happens this upcoming November. 
Not chic. Let's give the car some character, like Angels Flight.

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