December 27, 2012

Tea Time

Ever since I can remember, my grandma, my mom and I have always gone to Christmas tea. What started at the Ritz Carlton, has now migrated to the St. Regis and Christmas tea has become one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Three Generations -- Me, Grandma & Mom
The beautiful St. Regis, Monarch Bay
This year, along with our annual tradition, I decided to host a tea myself. I invited three friends whom I met while studying abroad in Oxford. We get together a few times a year, and while we have enjoyed many a High Tea together - both in the UK and in the states - we've never tried a tea from home. I was more than happy to break out my crystal and fine china for the occasion, and it turned out beautifully.

It was surprisingly easier than providing a normal lunch. Scones with clotted cream and jam, tea sandwiches, and a few sweets were set out on the three tier tray (from Target). All that needed preparing were the sandwiches and a salad. These were easily made the morning of, and once my guests were there, all I had to do was pop open the champagne and turn the stove on to boil some water.  Try to host a tea of your own, I think you'll be surprised how easy it is to prepare. It was so much fun and can turn any time of the year into a special occasion!

Hostess tip: Whenever I have guests over, I love to put frozen strawberries in the pitcher of water. It's a nice touch that not only looks good, but keeps the water cool and makes it taste delicious. Give it a try xo 

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  1. Hey I used to do that with you pretty girl! Remember when we were little dressed in frilly dresses at the Ritz? You all look great. Give the family my love!


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