December 10, 2012

Decorating the Tree

There's something about a Christmas tree that really makes the holiday come alive. I love to decorate our house for Chrismas every year and in particular I take great pride in decorating the tree. A few years ago. my dear friend Gary ( who does windows for Ralph Lauren) decorated my family home and taught me the proper way to make a designer tree.  Here I share with you two easy tips to take your tree from ordinary to extraordinary!

Disclaimer : Patrick (the pup) loves to chew the bulbs so the bottom has to be kept bare!
1. Ribbon. White lights are an obvious must, but one thing that a lot of people forget is ribbon. Notice all the different ways I've used ribbon in my tree. First of all, you'll see that I've used a huge statement ribbon that wraps from the top to bottom.  Along the way, using pipe cleaners, I have taken portions of the ribbon and attached it further inside the tree. I then have hidden the pipe cleaner with a bow in a complementary ribbon. This gives the affect that the ribbon is moving.  

A flowing ribbon
 In addition, I've used the same ribbon to make a bow for the top. The bow ends cascade down the tree and as a finishing touch, I've curled and added another complementary ribbon to cascade from the top to bottom of the tree. 

Top of the Tree
2. Ornament Clusters. I like hanging single ornaments, but more importantly, I love ornament clusters.  By combining more than one ornament together, it's easier to fill holes in the tree and it really makes a statement. To create the clusters, take three or more ornaments of different colors and size and loop them together on a pipe cleaner. Then attach the cluster to the tree, fastening it with the ends of the pipe cleaner. 

 Helpful tip: I use pipe cleaners to attach the ribbon, the ornaments, and the top. But be sure to get either green or brown so that they camouflage. Also, pay extra attention to the top of the tree, because that's what will be shown in photos. Happy decorating!


  1. That Gary! Looks beautiful. Sad to miss the party xox

  2. You make the most beautiful trees!

  3. P.S. Don't forget the "vintage" beads from your mom! xoxo


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