March 11, 2013


As some of you already know (especially if you follow me on instagram) Chad and I moved! It was a whirlwind of a week and it happened so suddenly. Chad's work has been bringing him back to Orange County and well, lets be honest I am still a beach girl at heart. Our year in downtown however was monumental, both personally and professionally. Personally, Chad and my relationship blossomed so much. I think it was a combination of getting past that year-one of marriage mark, and also the fact that we were on our own -- completely independent from our friends and family. We embarked on a new journey together, one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We were talking the other day, and imagined telling our (not yet existent) kids about the year we lived in Downtown Los Angeles. They are going to think we were so cool! 

I am so thankful to Chad that he forced me out of my comfort zone and back into LA. Despite my attempts to move to the Westside, or back to South Bay (yes, post-college I lived in Hermosa for a year and a half), we were meant to spend a year in the heart of the city. Downtown continues to grow at an alarming rate, and I must say I was hesitant to leave. I will certainly miss walking to bars, restaurants, coffee, the grocery store, the dog groomer... the list goes on. I will definitely miss the creativity and originality of the city. Did I mention the food and drinks?! It's aace I will forever hold dear to my heart. For our last night in the city, we celebrated Chad's birthday by taking the subway (yes, we took public transportation in LA!) to Hollywood. We spent the night being wine, dined and entertained by Supperclub. Although a part of me wishes we would have stayed downtown, we had such a fun last night! 

Downtown is a place I will forever hold dear to my heart. And yet, on the other hand, I am so happy to be back in Orange County. Simply put, life is easier. It's been one week back at the beach and I feel so great. There's something about that ocean air that makes everything okay. 

I continue to commute to Pasadena, teaching Barre Fly three times days a's so weird driving through downtown to get back to Laguna. Yes, I've moved back to my hometown, Laguna Beach. If you're wondering what else I've been up to... stay tuned for an exciting announcement later this week! xo

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  1. Aren't new married adventures so fun? You'll never have that first year of marriage back, it's so special what happens in that first year! Excited to hear what else is going on in your life.


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