August 31, 2012

Burgers for Everyone!

Umami Burger seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment and DTLA is no exception. UMAMIcatessen opened on Broadway and I love coming to eat here for a few different reasons. One being that they have an outdoor patio where we can take our trusted companion, Patrick. Two, they have delicious vegetarian options and their ahi burger is fantastic. Three, the Velvet Mule. I'm a sucker for any drink with Ginger in it, so naturally The Velvet Mule (made with ginger beer) is one of my favorites.  With a variety of options, who doesn't love a good burger? 

 Located directly across from the Eastern Columbia building, Umami has a great view and never disappoints in terms of people watching. My only real complaint is that for dessert they have only one option, Donuts. My advice: Order fries to share, a drink, your favorite burger, and pass on dessert. Overall it's a great spot with a cool crowd.

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